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The Knowle Farm C.L.

Please note that because we are a working sheep farm, and as we are never sure from one day to the next exactly
what animals we will have in the fields, we cannot accept any dogs (guide dogs excepted). Sorry.

The CL is a field of about 1 acre of fairly flat grassland, behind a hedge. Access is very easy as a good,
tarmac road takes you right to the gates. A good view can be seen in this aerial photograph.

We are, however, on solid clay so the field doesn't really dry out until May, which is why we don't open through the winter.
Some years the weather is kind to us and the field dries out early. When this happens we do open for Easter but as
this is difficult to predict until mid April, we can't really take early bookings. If we do open, I normally publish the fact
on our home page.

Since our transmitter went digital, it seems that TV reception on our CL is pretty good.
Satellite reception is OK, but it works best on pitches 3,4,5,and 6 because of the hedge and trees.

A large part (but not all) of the CL is now within our (rather unreliable!) wireless network, and if you have a suitably equipped laptop, you should be able to connect to the internet while on site (although you will need the password). There is no charge for this, and we trust people won't abuse the facility.


Below are some photographs which I hope will give you a feel for our CL.

A number of the photos of the CL were taken on the same weekend, so feature the same caravans, the photos of the ducks were provided by one of our regular guests, and the aerial shots were taken by me on a (birthday present) helicopter flight from Sheffield airport. Very exciting!

Just click on any one to see a larger version.