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Contact Us

While I am always happy to receive a phone call, when I am not at home, answering the phone
can be difficult, and I don't always have the current booking situation to hand.

The most reliable way to book is to email and I will reply as soon as possible - usually
by early the next morning at the latest.

When making a booking I need a minimum of your name and membership number.
It also helps if I can have an address, and an emergency phone number.

To contact us you can:-
1. Call my mobile - 0780 193 1906.
2. Click Here to email
3. email cl@knowlefarmcl.co.uk

Please note that because we are a working sheep farm, and we are never sure from one day to the next exactly what animals we will have in the fields, we cannot accept any dogs (guide dogs excepted). Sorry.

And don't forget:-

Since our transmitter went digital, it seems that TV reception on our CL is pretty good.
Satellite reception is OK, but it works best on pitches 3,4,5,and 6 because of the hedge and trees.

A large part (but not all) of the CL is now within our (rather unreliable!) wireless network, and if you have a suitably equipped laptop, you should be able to connect to the internet while on site (although you will need the password). There is no charge for this, and we trust people won't abuse the facility.