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Knowle Farm

Knowle Farm is a working sheep farm, and there are usually sheep and lambs around in the summer months.

Andy is the man who is the real farmer, and nowadays he looks after the farm for us. He usually lambs his ewes in April at his farm up on Alport Heights, but he will often brings some ewes and lambs down to us later on. They will stay here while the mums feed the lambs and they grow. Then, about August time, they are weaned and that leads to a very noisy couple of days as they shout for each other.

The mums will usually then stay here, grazing and generally getting back into shape before they meet up with the tups (rams) again in early November.

You will also find the usual collection of farmyard animals around - chickens, ducks, cats and we also have Guinea Fowl. When I say we have Guinea Fowl, what I really mean is that they choose to stay here and live with us.